Seventh day of Dashain

Fulpati is a major celebration occurring on the seventh day of Dashain.

on this day, the royal Kalash, banana stalks, Jamara and sugar cane tied with red cloth is brought by Brahmins from Gorkha, a three-day walk, about 169 kilometres (105 mi) away from the Kathmandu Valley. Hundreds of government officials gather together in the Tundikhel grounds in conventional formal dress to witness the event. The king used to observe the ceremony in Tundikhel while the Fulpati parade was headed towards the Hanuman Dhoka royal palace.

Then there is a majestic display of the Nepalese Army along with a celebratory firing of weapons that continues for ten to fifteen minutes honoring Fulpati. The Fulpati is taken to the Hanuman Dhoka Royal Palace by the time the occasion ends in Tundikhel , where a parade is held.

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Photo: Vijay Thakur