Manish Paudel
Manish Paudel is a photographer based in Birgunj, Nepal. He earned a Diploma in Electrical Engineering from Birgunj Institute of Technology (BIT) in 2008. Following a two-year stint at a local FM station, Paudel became the web editor for Federation of Nepali Journalists- Parsa, where he developed an interest in photography. Paudel is also the recipient of numerous awards including the Subodh Memorial Photo Journalism Award of 2012 and Sano Paila’s Bravery Award of 2012. Paudel is the co-founder of Sanskriti, a junction for creative youth in Birgunj that aims to energize and build the capacity of young people through engagement in initiatives that explore various forms of art and expression.
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Saket Jalan
I am a student and my subject is commerce. I am doing my BBS from Anubhuti education foundation which is in Birgunj, Nepal. I love photography because camera is the only medium for me to show my feelings toward my society. I am into photography since 2 years.
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Sushil Kumar Sah
My passions in life are travelling, meeting new peoples and photography. Travelling helps me to explore different places and meet new people. I believe that travelling develops a new vision toward show you see the world. Closely experiencing their cultures, meeting people from different communities and observing their beauty sometime their ugliness, help me understand that all of our lives and cultures are both interrelated & different at the same time. Photography along with travelling for me is the medium to explore these aspects of the society.
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Vijay Thakur
Vijay Thakur is a freelance photographer. He is capturing images since 2014. He has completed I.Sc. and B.Sc. is running from Thakur Ram Multiple Campus, Birgunj. Mr. Thakur become president in a National Journalist Union, Parsa since 2017. His work has been featured in local & National media such as editor in Nepali Association for Astronomical Society , as photojournalist in npdailynews.com  & as editor in Nepal Samachar Dainik.
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Jiyalal Sah
Jiyalal Sah is a photographer based in Birgunj, Nepal. He has completed his B.Ed. from Thakur Ram Multiple Campus, Birgunj  in 2013. With an one year experience at a local FM station & Five Year experience at Avenues Television Reporter & Visual-Editor. he became the Reporter for Ap1 Television. Being a skilled photographer he is highly passionate to learn the new entices in the field of photo journalism. His photo news, articles and bytes  have been widely featured not only in local media but at national level as well. Along with this he is widely recognized media-persona and won many accolades and prizes for this work including the Subodh Memorial Photo Journalism Award of 2013.
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Benoy Lama
I hail from the land of Himalayas which rocks in the cardale the queen of hills but I’m in Birgunj since a decade, I’m someone who loves trying and doing everything that comes across me, I’m a co-founder of Neeta Foundation which works for health and social related issues in terai region of Nepal. I’m a beginner in photography and I love clicking portrait, i can’t deny that I’m fond of traveling and once in a every two month you will see me in different place, aah I think I have flattered myself enough, got to put a brake or else I’ll spill all over. I’m happy with what I’m and I expect my life to deliver what I truly deserve.
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Pankaj Shrestha
I am Pankaj Shrestha (42), from Birgunj the bordering town of Nepal. Currently, I am associated with Kantipur Television. Photography has been my passion since I am grown in a family where every senior member is a photographer. I had started my photography career from my family’s Photo Studio. Since last 24 years, I have been involved in photojournalism and television journalism. Since the age of 16 yrs, I have been clicking photos of different people and places. Giving a meaningful turning to my photography passion, I joined photojournalism at the age of 24yrs. In my photojournalism career, I have participated in the National Photo Exhibition, Bangladesh Photo Exhibition, National Photo Contest organized by Photojournalist Club in Kathmandu.
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